Bliss Windlow/Aria Appleford

Bliss Windlow

Creative Spiritualist.  Artist.  Journalist.  Freelance Writing and Photography.

Blissou Photography Studios. (by appointment only)


COO Perfect World Productions
Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe – Production Co-ordinator, Director.

Managing Editor Peoplz Magazine – Virtual WorldWide Media SL

Bliss Windlow came into SL and became active in February of 2009.  In that short time she has taught herself all about photography and blogging.  She actively wrote in several of her own blogs including BLISSIMO (fashion)  BLISS (humour),   Being BLISSed (Spiritual and Personal Development),  Social BLISS (Social Commentary), as well as one blogzine  Blisse.  At the same time she was writing for as many as 4 other blogs in SL.  She has worked as a fashion editor and EIC for 2 major fashion magazines and has helped with other publications, and supported and advised others on start ups and new ventures.  She loves the challenge of taking on and learning new tasks.  Bliss loves seeing people succeed at what they love to do.  Well liked, respected and admired by many, she has been a great asset to the community with her humour and her wisdom.

Aria E. Appleford

Aria E. Appleford is a noted motivational speaker. At the age of 19 she established a National Women’s Organization involved in ground-breaking counselling methods and research on PAT. Over the next 15 years she and her late husband invested much of their time and monies into the organization, travelling North America, writing and speaking.

Aria is a successful writer having published 2 books related to her research and counseling, and numerous articles, short stories, and poetry. She also an accomplished artist and musician. After her husband became ill with a rare blood disorder Aria became actively involved in both educating and creating better care and understanding for patients with Porphyria within the community and for health care professionals. She served on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Porphyria Foundation and was the Coordinator for Southern Alberta, continuing her work after he died and one of her children was diagnosed with the same illness.

She has served as the United Way Chair for Canadian Operations with a major company and volunteers in many other capacities. She speaks on issues concerning spirituality, family, women, education, and sexuality.   She is young, alive, and full of energy and people half her age have a tough time keeping up with her.  Noted for her compassion and profound love of people, Aria has a deep spirituality which draws people to her.

Throughout the years she has served on many Boards of Directors for charitable groups, worked with various political groups and initiatives, worked with school boards, businesses and addressed both national and international symposiums and conferences. More recently she has been involved with smaller, more intimate, groupings of people with intense hands on attention and follow-up, empowering people to find their hidden potential under her own company Neoscii, and as a trained Instructor and Supervisor for Silva,  Silva Ultramind System, and Holistic Healing.  She continues to counsel and work as a Life Coach.

This past year she has spent writing and learning a whole new set of skills with virtual television, photography and running a magazine. She has written for almost a dozen different blogs, most of them her own, and several of them daily. People appreciate her humour, her intelligence, her wisdom and her insight.

Remarried and relocated, Aria now resides in Australia with her new husband. Between them they have 8 children, 19 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

” I looked without. And the world taught me. I learned to compete, how to accumulate things and earn the praises of men. I learned of science and medicine and art. I learned of history, of both terrible and great men and their achievements, and still I could not fashion wings.

I looked within. And God taught me. I learned of love, tolerance and compassion. I learned to understand my dark and to celebrate my light. I learned truth. I faced my fears and I found peace. I found my wings and flew. ” Aria E. Appleford


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