About This Blog.

The first time I heard that expression was while I was dating my husband.   It is an Aussie saying that no-one seems to be very clear on what it means.  I love it.  It made me laugh and it is exactly the type of logic that sometimes life just requires.  I thought it was the perfect name for my blog.

For years I kept the different parts of who I am in neat little compartments.  There were the people I worked with who saw the more intelligent, thinking side of me, the people I was involved with in creative endeavors, the spiritual group and then friends and family who got to see the whacko, hair down sense of humour.  There was always this sense that these parts of me could not really touch one another .. it was safer that way.  I guess it worked for me because I had all the parts, just not all at once, so I was not missing out on much.

Then my husband became sick and he passed away after three years of being very ill.  My world was turned upside down and I ended up spending almost 3 years with people who did not get my sense of humour.  I lost my ability to laugh.  I stopped singing.  I almost stopped speaking.  When I came out the other side of that I decided I was who I was and that I would never, ever, let anyone keep me from embracing life again. What that means for you is that you get all of me, …this kind of very warped, somewhat intelligent, insanely driven, creative woman who just is what she is.  I can’t do a blog on one subject .. I would be bored out of my mind in 3 minutes.  And so there are many different types of posts in here, all me, and all very different aspects of who I am.

You will find:

Humour – warning warning .. whacked … just whacked.  These are thoughts about day to day things that happen, lots of poking fun at men and my husband, comments on what we do as women, girlfriends and mothers, things that I see and here, and a great deal about growing up and what I learned.  I slip into all the different phases of my life – the child, the teen, a mom with babies, teenagers and married kids.  Sometimes I am even myself!!

Motivational and Inspirational – Thoughts and Ideas for personal development and growth.  I am profoundly spiritual and these are some of my favourite posts to write. Many of my understandings of life have been delivered to me through the gift of trials and so bring a hanky, these take my heart and soul often to write.

Rants and Social Commentary – Serious reflection and discussion about things that tick me off, evidence of the lack of common sense, political and social issues that are going on at the moment.

Second Life –  Things that relate specifically to Second Life, my fashion blogs which contain some great fashion but are usually funny, and issues that are going on there.  Many of the same things that impact us in Real Life are also relevant there and this can be quite and interesting journey.

My Story – This may take me some time to get going.  I have always said that no-one would ever believe my real life story if I told it, and I know that I will write it before I am done but it is very intense. You will have to read it to understand why.  I will post it in bits and pieces once I start, but you can always just click on the category to follow it once I begin.

In real life I counsel, I speak and do workshops and I write.  I am very fortunate to have a lifestyle that allows me to do what I want when I want.  My husband and I travel a great deal with my work.  The purpose of this blog is not to make money or to become famous .. the purpose is what it is .. to write, to connect .. to have meaningful dialogue with people.  I believe in people and our ability to learn and grow and heal ourselves.  I believe in the power of creativity and what can be accomplished by human beings sharing the journey we each make, every day in our daily lives. I hope you might share a bit of your time each day with me, as we both learn and grow … and most importantly … LAUGH!


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