Your Compass.

moral compass

Everything in this world is energy. Some of the energy vibrates at a much slower rate and gives the appearance of something solid while others vibrate at such a high rate as to be invisible. Life itself is motion – we are constantly in a state of flux and change. The fuel for that motion are the feelings we have and the ensuing thoughts that follow. These then create our emotions.

Major changes at one time in the world seemed slower and easier to handle. Today, with the huge shift in consciousness going on in the world those changes are accelerated and people are being smacked up against wave after wave in their lives, often leaving them feeling like there is no rhyme nor reason – only chaos. Physics defines chaos as a temporary state bridging a state of known or existing harmony to a higher state.

To navigate our lives we do have help. There is a sense within all of us of what feels right for us. If we have lived an authentic life we are very attuned to that, if our life has been filled with fear and guilt we might be miles away from it and need to do some work clearing the debris from our lives that keeps us from our authenticity. This sense is our compass and it can guide us towards the right things to do in times of chaos. The problem many of us have, is that the world has taught us to worry about what everyone else is doing and that can often pull us off track and we lose the connection within ourselves. Our compasses can speak to us of things and actions that make no logical sense to others – however they feel completely right to us.

Think of how you use a compass – you look at it, you begin to walk in the direction it points, after walking a while you hold it again and walk in the slightly corrected direction. The point here is to simply become immersed in what your compass tells you right now. You may find that next check of the compass readjusts you a bit however, in doing what is right here, right now, you ARE moving forward and bridging the chasm of chaos. You may not see the whole picture or understand all the little reasons of how this will fit together – but once safely across and on the other side you will be amazed how perfectly your inner compass works … when you let it!!


~ by blisswindlow on July 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Your Compass.”

  1. Problems arise when people try to manipulate others and the direction they are going in. Also, when they don’t understand those other directions, fear arises, and the usual reactions to that – it must be wrong, lets generate a campaign to discredit that person whose path we do not understand. People need to be concerned more with their own, and not become directionless.

    • That is so true. I have often thought if we could forget the details – the need to decide “good or bad,” “Right or Wrong” when it comes to other people making their choices, it would be easier to understand we only need support the process. When my kids come to me and say they are going to do something – I try very hard to explore the process, what does it mean for them, how do they feel etc and then to let go of anything other than saying, if you feel it is the right thing to do then I will support that. Sometimes the right thing to do is not because it ends up being exactly what you thought it would be or successful in worldly terms but the experience was exactly what was needed. If we could do that – support one another as we each find our way – maybe we could be more fearless with our own lives.

  2. Alas, I see a more restricted, narrowing society galloping along, more concerned with ever tightening the definition of ‘normal’ and casting out those who do not fit, where fearlessness, creativity, honour, integrity, imagination and ethics are exchanged for conformity, blending in and acceptance at any cost.

  3. I have never “fit in” but was blessed enough to be alone during so much of my childhood that I had no idea how “strange” I was. I hope that I have given my own children some of that and I know that my life’s work is about reconnecting people back to that part of themselves. I think the greatest reward for me is to see the joy in people when they realize how incredibly unique and wonderful they really are!!

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